Mozart Finance — the first musical NFT’s in world.


Mozart Finance is a fork from Goose Finance & astonishing DeFi project running on Binance Smart Chain with lots of other features that let you earn and win tokens.Security

Why can this project be considered safe to use?

  • Liquidity is locked for 8 months
  • Migrator code is removed
  • Audit done before launch
  • Second audit will done (all smart contracts)
  • New audits will be done if needed

Features of the project:

Fabulous burn mechanism

  • 1% of every transaction will be burned
  • Deposit fees will be used to buyback tokens (will explain soon)
  • Any unsold tokens from pre-sale will be burned
  • Team will randomly burn/buyback tokens each week to keep the price higher
  • Starting team liquidity tokens are locked


  • Become a symphonist by farming PIANO with highest possible APR
  • Farm different pools
  • Voting system — community can decide about adding new pools

What does the project plan to do in the future?

— Lottery (soon) NFT (soon)

— Decentralized Betting (Q2)

— Lending (no ETA)

— IFO (no ETA) Community Ideas

Detailed Roadmap of Mozart Finance:

  • Deployment of smart contracts✅
  • Unique burn mechanism✅
  • AUDIT before launch (Immunebytes)✅
  • Liquidity lock✅
  • High APR% gains✅

In process:

  • NFT marketplace
  • Airdrop
  • Lottery as never seen before
  • Mozart musical NFT’s
  • Decentralized betting
  • IFO (in partnership with other projects)
  • Fully operational exchange
  • Lending
  • Community ideas

About PIANO token:

Ticker: PIANO

Contract address: 0xd46936677B2C1Bb696F2b67c55239331E2b7Cd42 Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)

Pancakeswap link:
Minted supply: 100.000 PIANO
Total supply: 9.600.000 PIANO

Emission rate:

Deflationary mechanism:

  • 1% of every transaction will be burned
  • 50% of the deposit fee will be used to buy back PIANO tokens

It is this mechanism that allows you to constantly increase the cost of a PIANO token, so everyone should buy a PIANO token!

How do I start mining PIANO tokens?

  • Choose a Token Pair. After choosing a token pair to farm, you must then obtain both through the Exchange. The SWAP process only takes a few seconds. Be aware that investing $100 in the any farm pair must be split 50–50 between two pairs, you need to add liquidity for both.
  • Add liquidity. Then next step before you can join the farm pertains to liquidity. You add liquidity to the system by converting BUSD and BNB into BUSD-BNB LP tokens.
  • LP tokens in your wallet should appear (check picture above). After this step you will be ready to stake LP tokens to any of our farm pairs. To withdraw LP tokens repeat the same process backwards.

Native farms — 0% deposit fee:

  • PIANO-BNB (35x rewards)
  • PIANO-BUSD (25x rewards)
  • PIANO-CAKE (10x rewards)
  • PIANO-ADA (15x rewards)
  • PIANO-DOT (10x rewards)

Other farm pairs — 4% deposit fee:

  • BUSD-BNB (4x rewards)
  • USDC-BUSD (2x rewards)
  • CAKE-BNB (2x rewards)
  • USDT-BUSD (2x rewards)
  • DOT-ETH (2x rewards)


In this article, I told you about the project — . In my opinion, it really looks very promising, so if you have free money to invest, then at the moment, the best coin to invest is PIANO.

Since the presale, the coin has increased in price by 3.5 times,and musical NFT’s has not yet been shown, so do not miss this and take part in the development of this project!

Social Media of project:

Official Site —

🎹 Twitter:

💬 Telegram Official telegram groups:

🎼 Reddit — MozartFinance (u/MozartFinance) — Reddit





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