Agenor — a bridge for using cryptocurrency in everyday life.

Cryptocurrency is actively used in our lives, but there are still problems with full implementation in our lives. So that absolutely everyone can open their own project, their own business on the blockchain. For many people, this seems very difficult, at the moment, buying cryptocurrency assets is not the easiest financial operation in life.

If people started making their own projects, opening their own businesses on the blockchain, it would be much more convenient for them to manage their own finances. Decentralization would allow them to manage their own money, their own income, and the tax would be much lower.

Today I will tell you about the project — Agenor Coin, the goal of the project is to create a user-friendly blockchain, to create an ecosystem for the average person that will work completely on the blockchain, but be used in real life.

Agenor Coin

Agenor is not just an ordinary blockchain, it is a truly working project. who wants to promote the use of cryptocurrency in the real world, so that absolutely everyone can start using cryptocurrency, trading goods for cryptocurrency.

Agenor Ecosystem:

  • Marketplace — a market where you can buy and sell any goods for cryptocurrency.
  • Crypto ATM — cryptocurrency ATMs, where you can easily buy and sell cryptocurrency.
  • A bridge between the real world and cryptocurrency — the work, use and entry into the cryptocurrency sphere for the average person will be greatly simplified.

How does the project’s blockchain work?

The blockchain is powered by Quark. The blockchain supports two systems of operation : Proof of Work, Proof of Stake. This is done so that everyone can make a profit as a result of the operation of the blockchain.

The blockchain has already been launched and is actively working, the number of blockchain users is becoming more and more every day:

AGE coin:

The project has its own coin that runs on its own blockchain.

Most likely, the coin will be used to use all the products of the project, while the coin is a reward for participating in the work of the blockchain.

The project also has its own wallets for AGE, which are supported on all devices:

At the moment, the Proof-of-Work stage is finished, now the blockchain is working through the Proof-of-Stake stage.

The maximum number of coins that can be issued is 100.000.000.

For such a huge platform for integrating cryptocurrency technologies into real life, this is not a large number of coins. and it is clear that in the future, when this project is promoted to the masses, it will be used in real life, the cost of AGE will be much higher.


The project is in the active stage of developing cryptocurrency ATMs, its own marketplace, and other project features.

I think that gradually the functionality and capabilities of the project will become more and more, so far the project is focused on these plans, but in the future they may become more.

My opinion about Agenor project:

I want the project to be able to realize its planned plans for the future. The use of blockchain technologies has long been time to use in our daily lives.

I would like to see how AgePay will be created, how it will be possible to use cryptocurrencies for everyday purchases and payments for various services in our lives.

If the project manages to do this, then we are waiting for a literally new era in the cryptocurrency world, where in real life they will actively use blockchain technologies.

Social Media of Agenor:

Merch Store:
Discord Server:

About me:

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